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Ultimate freedom and play

When we're fully aware of a dream while dreaming, we realize that the entire dream is a creation of our own mind. A rejuvenating feeling of freedom will often arise along with this realization. No external boundaries, social or physical limitations can constrain the experience.

Lucid dreamers can create and transform objects, people, situations, worlds and even themselves in their lucid dreams. If judged by the standards of our waking life experience, lucid dreamers are able to do the impossible in their lucid dreams.

What would you do in your lucid dreams?

The wonders of REM sleep

Lucid dreamers know that lucid dreams are essentially just vivid hallucinations. However, like the other dreams we have during REM sleep, lucid dreams can be incredibly immersive and provide the potential for memorable learning experiences.

Perhaps you've already heard of REM sleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement and refers to a stage of sleep in which the sleeper starts to make jerky eye movements. This stage is also marked by an increase in brain activity and it is the stage in which we experience our most vivid and immersive dreams of the night.

Lucid dreams are highly immersive

We really mean it when we say that dreams are "vivid and immersive". All of our REM sleep dreams provide us with a fully immersive, three-dimensional, multi-sensory hallucinatory dream experience.

We do not just see our dreams, we can also feel, taste, smell and even hear our dreams. Our dream reality is like our own private Holodeck or Matrix. It's incredible to ponder the power that our dreaming brain must have to be able to create this immersive dream reality every night when we're asleep.

For example, in a REM sleep dream, whether you're lucid or not, you can use your dream hands to touch a dream surface and feel its texture and hardness, even though the surface is made out of imaginary dream stuff. You can listen to dream music or hear someone's voice in the dream. You can even smell or taste any kind of dream food. REM sleep dreams are highly immersive hallucinatory experiences.

Lucid dreams are just as immersive as our ordinary REM sleep dreams because they too happen during REM. In this highly immersive experience, lucid dreamers can take control of their dream actions and consciously shape their dreams to pursue their wildest, most deeply desired dream experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions


Lucid dreaming is not like going to bed and trying really hard to dream about a specific topic. Lucid dreaming is about attaining dream awareness while you're dreaming and taking control in the midst of the dream so you're able to manipulate dream content to shape your desired dream experience.


However, keep in mind that dreams are always in flux, even while you're lucid. Unconscious processes drive much of the content of the lucid dream experience. While we can manipulate any detail in a lucid dream or even change the entire dream setting, many elements will also change throughout the duration of the dream without any conscious attention being paid to them.

Yes, but probably not very reliably at first.

Lucidity and dream control are not the same thing. Many novice lucid dreamers have difficulty applying dream control to their first lucid dreams, even though they are fully lucid. Dream control must be learned and these techniques take some practice at first (which is why our course programs have separate sections on dream control techniques). Once you're able to take control of your dreams, you can apply dream control reliably whenever, and to whatever extent, you'd like in your lucid dreams.


Lucidity and dream control are not the same thing. You can be fully lucid in a dream and just experience the dream without trying to control any aspect of it. Many lucid dreamers are curious about their unconscious processes and experience their dreams passively like this for fun.

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I opened my front door and was surprised to see my teacher from high school standing there. I hadn't seen her for years. She told me that I was really late for school and that everyone was waiting for me.

While hurrying to get my study books, I suddenly recognized the situation as one of my recurring dreamsigns. 'This is that dream again', I whispered to myself. 'I am dreaming!'

Trying to suppress my excitement, I turned around and returned to the front door where my teacher was still waiting for me. 'Sorry Angela', I said. 'This is a dream. I need to do other things than going to school.' She gazed at me and replied, 'This is no dream. You're coming with me to school, now.'

I laughed, passed her by and went outside. Huge clouds were covering the sky and bright sun rays shined down on us. 'No', I said, 'I'm not coming with you.' I clenched my fists, looked up and took off. Like a superhero I flew away.

The air was rushing through my hair as I gained great height and approached the clouds' base surface. I boosted my airspeed even more and put my arms in front of me like Superman. I felt ecstatic. I landed on top of a cloud and sat down until I woke up a few moments later.

Frank W, Belgium. Former student of our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming.

We are experienced teachers

We have trained countless people from all over the world how to have lucid dreams and pursue psychological development through the power of lucid dreaming. Including professional athletes, musicians and artists, the physically impaired, and people suffering from nightmares.

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