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Get this comprehensive two-volume book set on lucid dreaming today!

  • Lucid dream science, psychology, and education
  • Religious traditions, creativity, and culture
  • Chapters written by world's dream experts
  • Including a chapter written by Snoozon
  • Graduate-level study and explorations

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Practical and applied psychology series

The first set of its kind, edited by our friends Ryan Hurd and Kelly Bulkeley, Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep provides a comprehensive showcase of the theories, research, and direct experience that serve to illuminate how certain people can maintain conscious awareness while dreaming.

The text is organized into two sections, covering science, psychology, and education; and religious traditions, creativity, and culture. Contributors to this two-volume work include top dream experts across the globe — scholars sharing knowledge gained from deep personal explorations and cutting-edge scientific investigations.

Topics covered include the neuroscience of lucid dreaming, clinical uses of lucid dreaming in treating trauma, the secret history of lucid dreaming in English philosophy, and spiritual practices of lucid dreaming in Islam, Buddhism, and shamanic traditions. The work also addresses lucid dreaming in movies including The Matrix and literature such as the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien and explains how modern video gaming enhances lucidity.

This set serves as an ideal text and reference work for school libraries and academic courses in anthropology, psychology, religious studies, and cognitive science as well as for graduate-level study in holistic education — an increasingly popular specialization.

Chapters include...

  • A variety of expert perspectives on lucid dreaming from many different cultures that represent a breadth of disciplinary perspectives
  • Theoretical models that integrate scientific reason, mysticism, and individuals' experiences, making way for a new level of sophistication in the study of lucid dreaming
  • Practical insights for therapists, teachers, and researchers as well as students and scholars of psychology, anthropology, and religious studies while containing accessible information and compelling personal narratives that will appeal to general readers
This book set isn't a lucid dream course

While this unique book set showcases many valuable perspectives on the science, psychology, and education of lucid dreaming, it doesn't provide readers with structured training content. If you're interested in learning how to have lucid dreams, please have a look at our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming instead.

As part of the first volume of this work, we have written a chapter in which we examine existing lucid dream training, investigate the underlying theory of induction required for frequent lucid dreaming and explore possible avenues of related future educational research.

Tim Post. Founder of Snoozon and lucid dream trainer.

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