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Start our course today and have lucid dreams by next month!

  • Become a skilled lucid dreamer
  • Consciously explore your dreams
  • Have amazing dream experiences
  • Cultivate mindfulness in your life
  • Boost your psychological growth

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This course includes...

10 detailed lessons

Receive 10 detailed and interactive lessons that provide you with all the knowledge, techniques, exercises and support necessary to have frequent lucid dreams.

Step-by-step techniques

Includes step-by-step technique descriptions, the experiences of former students, training videos, dealing with potential obstacles, homework, etc.

Gorgeous HTML emails

Our lessons are not provided in plain text, but coded in HTML with full color, high quality images, structured paragraphs and online training videos.

Detailed training videos

Each lesson includes a training video in which lucid dreaming expert Tim Post explains and illustrates all techniques and shares his own experiences and training routines.

Free tips by SMS

Optionally receive free daily SMS messages with helpful dream tips to support you during your training. These include tips and reminders on how to apply the techniques in each lesson.

Flexible time schedule

Study and practice lucid dreaming comfortably at home on your own time. You choose the pace, pick the times and select the places that suit you best to learn lucid dreaming.

Pausing and resuming

The pacing of the lessons sent to you is the same for every student and is based on a carefully crafted learning plan. You can even temporarily pause the course if you’d like a short break.

Customizable settings

Once you start the course, you will receive access to Dashboard. Dashboard allows you to easily modify course settings online (pausing, enabling SMS service, feedback, etc).

Expert guidance

Receive expert feedback from Tim Post during your training. At your request, Tim will provide personal guidance by email on how to accelerate your progress even further.

Free future upgrades

In time we plan on upgrading existing course features and adding new ones. All former students will retain access to newer versions of our online course through Dashboard.

Unlimited access

After finishing the course you will retain access to all lesson materials, including videos. Lost your emails? No worries, Dashboard will ensure you’ll always have access.

Access to Facebook Group

After your purchase, you will be granted access to our exclusive Facebook Group. Meet fellow lucid dreamers and share your lucid dreams, learning experiences, and questions.

Course description

Receive 10 detailed lucid dream lessons by email. Lessons contain step-by-step technique descriptions, online training videos, expert feedback, and free SMS training reminders. It's the perfect home-study course for any aspiring lucid dreamer.

Top 5 reasons to start this course tonight

  • Comprehensive content
  • Expert feedback
  • Practical instruction
  • Evidence-based training
  • Extensive training videos
  • Dream tips by SMS

Target audience

  • Young and old
  • Beginning lucid dreamers who like to learn how to have lucid dreams
  • No prior knowledge or experience required
  • Lessons and feedback are provided in English

Course contents

  • 10 detailed lessons
  • Beautiful HTML design
  • Dream tips through SMS
  • Pause/resume option
  • Step-by-step techniques
  • Extensive training videos
  • Cases of former students
  • Homework assignments
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Expert feedback by Tim Post
  • Free future upgrades
  • Unlimited access
  • Access to Facebook Group

System requirements

  • Active email address
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Designed for most popular email clients like Hotmail and GMail
  • If your email client does not support HTML, each lesson includes a hyperlink that allows you to view the lesson correctly in your internet browser

Designed and written by Tim Post

This Online Course in Lucid Dreaming is designed and written by lucid dream expert Tim Post. Tim is a dynamic and experienced speaker, known for his inspirational and informed teachings on lucid dreaming, as well as his ability to engage students in their lucid dream practice.

He has taught many international audiences how to have lucid dreams and pursue psychological development through the power of lucid dreaming. He has had countless lucid dreams, used the state to gain profound lucid dream experiences, and developed a deep understanding of how to apply the underlying principles of lucid dreaming to enhance everyday life experience.

As the founding director of Snoozon, Tim has trained countless individuals, ranging from regular groups of men and women, university students, business professionals, to inmates at federal prisons and the physically impaired. His programs have been held in a variety of locations, from community centers and college lecture halls to conference centers and resorts.

Tim's lucid dream teaching is acknowledged by world-renowned lucid dream researcher, author and teacher Dr. Stephen LaBerge. Tim and Stephen have jointly hosted an international weekend seminar on lucid dreaming some time ago. Please have a look at Tim's talk on lucid dreaming at TEDx to get a sense of his expertise and style. Tim is also contributor of the international two-volume book set Lucid Dreaming: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep.

Looking for an advanced lucid dreaming course?

While our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming includes all practical knowledge necessary for regular lucid dreaming, we also offer an advanced audiobook course. If you're interested in frequent lucid dreaming, please have a look at our Advanced Audiobook Course instead.

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Testimonials of former students

Before taking the course, I had had a couple lucid dreams. By the end of the course, I was having a couple lucid dreams per week! I learned so much more from Tim in those few weeks than I had in scouring the internet for months. For anyone who wants to develop or increase lucid dreaming skills, I could not but recommend Snoozon more highly.

Katie W, United States. Former student of our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming.

Snoozon's course exceeded my expectations. Tim does not just thoroughly outline and explain lucid dream techniques, but provides an entire course program to develop skill in lucid dreaming. His course goes beyond the "technique cocktails" that are everywhere on the web today. Without doubt worth every penny.

Frank W, Belgium. Former student of our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming.

Tim's honest, no-nonsense style of teaching is great and inspiring. Lessons are personal, engaging and highly informative. Being able to enjoy his personal guidance during the course is truly unique and really adds to its value. If you are looking for serious and credible lucid dream training, this course is what you're looking for.

Elizabeth M, UK. Former student of of our Online Course in Lucid Dreaming.

We are experienced teachers

We have trained countless people from all over the world how to have lucid dreams and pursue psychological development through the power of lucid dreaming. Including professional athletes, musicians and artists, the physically impaired, and people suffering from nightmares.

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